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Discipline: Materials & Processes Engineer

Job Requirements:  BS degree in   Engineering or related field with 5 or more years' experience; Master's Degree with 3 or more years' experience 

Job Description:

Defines requirements for materials, parts and processes used in the manufacture of products. Produces specifications and other documents to manage the deployment of materials, parts and processes. Maintains compliance with contractual and regulatory obligations. Promotes standardization across business activities. Evaluates emerging technologies for potential application to business needs. Develops and qualifies new materials, parts and processes to meet requirements. Integrates new technologies as appropriate. Manages test and audit programs to qualify suppliers to applicable requirements. Conducts analysis to determine reasons for failures of materials, parts or processes. Implements corrective and preventive actions. Designs, develops and qualifies computer and production systems to satisfy user requirements. Specialty skills required include 1 person with experience in metallurgy, 1 with conversion coating and corrosion protection experience, and the remaining 4 people shall have general M&P experience including familiarity with NASA and/or Aerospace contracts and associated MARs and process requirements. Works under general direction.


Discipline:  Industrial Engineer

Job Requirements:  BS degree in   Engineering or related field with 5 or more years' experience; Master's Degree with 3 or more years' experience Job Description:

Applies advanced Industrial Engineering concepts, techniques, analysis and decision tools to promote and implement changes in manufacturing, engineering and service operations. Independently develops models, data bases and spreadsheets to analyze data (e.g., statistics, operations research, engineering economics), and provides summary analysis and metrics for consultation to customers (e.g., management, departments, suppliers). Applies advanced industrial engineering techniques and concepts to product and process design teams throughout all phases of product lifecycle, resulting in a robust product design and work statement that meets program requirements. Researches, designs, develops, improves, and implements processes to enhance schedule performance, lower cost, and improve quality, through the application of advanced Lean and other Industrial Engineering concepts for large scale systems integration and asset utilization. Independently manages, defines, negotiates, and controls the scope, cost, and timing of projects, and performs risk analysis using project management tools (e.g., work break-down structure, precedence network, resource allocation). Ensures project is completed within budget. Utilizes advanced engineering methods (e.g., mathematical models, simulation, statistics) to develop optimal process designs and efficient utilization of resources (e.g., facilities, personnel, materials, equipment) in the creation and validation of products. Analyzes and designs value stream, including capability, capacity (e.g., make/buy, supplier selection, risk analysis, supplier performance), throughput, work flow and logistics (e.g., critical path, lead-time, transportation, factory layout).


Discipline:  Industrial Engineer/Scheduler

Job Requirements:  BS degree in   Engineering or related field with 5 or more years' experience; Master's Degree with 3 or more years' experience 

Job Description:

Supports the development of program schedule and/or manufacturing plans, etc. Coordinates with affected organization regarding impact to the company and product deliveries. Identifies long lead parts and activities, special tooling and technology changes. Analyzes data to make recommendations that drive decisions for projects or processes. Supports business unit level operating plans. Provides analysis of production rates and production development initiatives. Performs production proposal activities. Participates on cross-functional teams and identifies producibility issues to maximize efficiency. Develops predictive metrics to measure performance, identifies Risks and Opportunities as required. Works under general supervision



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