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While we could go on and on telling you about our products and services, ultimately it's what our customers think that's important. Satisfying Customers is the focus of Watring Technologies, Inc.

Below is a small sampling of comments and quotes from recent customers. If you would like to share your experiences with others, we invite you to send us your testimonial.

"We were having trouble sustaining crystal growth to produce a ribbon form of silicon. We didn't have a cost-effective way to produce silicon wafers used to make solar cells. Their technology is what got us on the path. It made a major difference. We've been able to get to sustainable crystal growth that shows we can be a player in the solar cell market."

Dr. Daniel Meier
Chief Scientist

“After searching the market for an integration partner for our laser marking systems, we chose Watring Technologies, Inc. due to their ability to provide cost effective solutions to a wide range of industrial automation challenges.”

Danny Galyean

“When we were developing a pilot production facility for a new aerospace material, we chose Watring Technologies to design, fabricate, test, and install a custom processing furnace in our new facilities. They delivered the furnace on schedule and within budget. In fact, we were mass producing our product with their equipment with in 48 hours after their installation.”

Bill Casto
Chief Financial Officer

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