Combining state-of-the-art-technologies with innovative applications to solve unique industrial problems.

Watring Technologies, Inc. specializes in development and implementation of automated equipment and control systems. We design both asynchronous and synchronous full lines and single machines for assembly, packaging, processing, testing, and material handling applications dependent upon our customer needs. Our equipment ranges from simple, stand-alone stations to fully automated multi-station lines.

Watring Technologies, Inc. is recognized for its ability to provide turn-key automation solutions to new and existing production lines. WTI supports our customers through the development, testing, and deployment of custom Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) and electro-mechanical systems. These services include retrofitting existing production lines to provide increased control capability as well as enhanced system monitoring through real-time remote applications. WTI also has the ability to pro...vide full custom solutions and implementation.  more
WTI supported a customer by retrofitting existing composite curing ovens with custom control cabinets. The solution enhanced current capabilities by providing remote real-time monitoring and alert notifications as well as automated verification of temperature profiles. WTI was able to retrofit multiple oven units that provided the customer with a common interface and lowered the required workload of the operators....  more
Watring Technologies has formed lasting relationships with the manufacturer of PLC and Human-Machine Interface (HMI) equipment allowing us to provide custom solutions and scale to respond to need of our customers. WTI maintains its ability to rapidly provide unique solutions to automation needs....  more