Crystal Growth and Furnaces

Watring Technologies, Inc. is a recognized leader in the design, fabrication, and testing of high temperature furnaces for the semiconductor and industrial processing industries. Our staff includes seasoned engineers and experienced crystal growth experts which has allowed us to build numerous “one-of-a kind” furnaces and processing systems. As a result, Watring Technologies’ customers benefit from an exceptional depth and breadth of experience gained in the building of custom equipment. Below is a list of services, equipment, and processes where we have used our expertise to enable our customers to meet their production goals. (Visit our Products page for examples of work in these areas).

• Heat and Mass Transfer Analysis
• Numerical Modeling
• Scientific Crystal Growth Consulting
• Engineering Consulting
• Complete System Electrical and Mechanical Design
• Electrical Heater Design and Fabrication
• System Scale Up and Retooling

Semiconductor Processing Equipment and Techniques
• Physical Vapor Transport
• Chemical Vapor Transport
• Czochralski LEC
• Vertical/Horizontal Bridgman
• Magnetic Melt Stabilization Systems
• Gradient Freeze
• Post Growth Annealing
• Traveling Heater Method
• WEB/Ribbon Growth
• Thin Films
• Crucible Designs

Industrial Processes and Techniques
• Batch Processing
• Continuous Processing
• Annealing Furnaces
• Brazing Furnaces
• Casting Furnaces
• Pouring Furnaces
• Hot Pressing Applications
• Complete System Refurbishment and Retooling
• Insulation Repair and Replacement
• Graphite Heater

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